Doors with Pre-installed
Beveled glass panels

Our first technological breakthrough of innovation in South East Asia began with the production of entry doors with pre-installed beveled glass panels in the year 1980. The launching of these doors turned out to be much appreciated when exported to the UK market, as well as other countries including the United States of America and Europe. Our technological capabilities incutting the edges of a piece of glass to specific angles and or sizes to give a beveled look was the pioneer during that period of time as it enhanced the elegance and beauty to the whole entry door.

Insulated Decorative
Triple Glass Panels

As our products gained exposure and popularity across the global market, Kayu Permata was aware of the necessity to produce and present more innovative products as part of culture commitment and fulfill the needs of our customers. In the year 1990, we became the forefront in the development and production of triple glazed door panels. During which time, we lead the export market as a mark of our capability to oversee, create, and fulfill customer needs and demands in particularly cold climate countries.

LVL Enginered Construction

In the early 21st Century, Laminated Veneer Lumber ( LVL ) was introduced into the manufacturing process. It is made from veneers bonded together under heat and pressure. The result yields an enhanced quality, performance,and durability in comparison to solid timber. LVL is therefore a reinforced engineered wood product which is able to support heavier load and is also less prone to warp and shrinking over time. The application of engineered LVL construction in our door manufacturing have already expanded and extended to elliptical and round top frames. Our vision in using of LVL products is also part of our commitment to conserving limited wood resources in our world.

LVB Engineered Construction

Laminated Veneer Board ( LVB ) is the extension of our continuing innovation in the production process of our door panels and we also became pioneers in the industry. The engineered LVB construction truly enhances superior strength against hard impact on the panel surfaces of our doors. This is achieved through the orientation of cross-laminating wood veneers, resulting in-well distributed strength across the lengthwise of the board.

Wrought Iron Doors

We offer and develop high quality doors with various designs of Wrought Iron progressively to add architectural beauty and elegance to our external doors. Wrought Iron itself is popular due to its working properties and its resistance to corrosion. Our designs can be tailored to meet customer specifications.

Reversible Foldable Sliding Doors

The concept of “reversible” folding sliding doors was initiated in year of 2007. The customer then has the advantage of being able to choose as to whether they would prefer their door to be left hand opening or right hand opening.

Our company realizes that the door system has to be manufactured “reversible” in order to give the flexibility and comfort for the customer to choose in which direction they wish to open their doors.The idea of “foldable” was also designed to create a maximum opening space without boundaries between the inside and outside of the room. The sizes vary from 3doors 6ft to 6 doors 16ft wide.

Our external folding doors are also designed to be rigid, stable and durable; and in conformance to the Building Regulation Code of the UK for thermal efficiency. Kayu Permata has pioneered the pre installed 24mm Double Glazing unit with U-value 1.5 m2/K in those period and developed 44mm Triple Glazing unit with U value 1.1 m2/K at a later stage as we were seeing the future market trend would be centered around higher energy savings to trap heat in and support reducing carbon footprint globally.