Production Process Content

Glass Installation

We provide our customers options to gaze their doors, sidelights, and transoms with various styles and models of decorative glass, single-tempered and or insulated. All the glass are sealed with high quality sealant materials to ensure a snug and secure…

Loading of Doors for Shipment

We implement a very well organized system and safety on shipping our products overseas. If our customers would like ordered items to be delivered in a particular way, We are also able to palletize the doors that is suitable for…

Door Packaging

In maintaining our pride and long years of experience, Kayu Permata makes sure to always protect the well being of our products especially during shipments. Our products are individually shrink wraped to protect and maintain the moisture content of our…

Door Coating Line

Through our experience in manufacturing high quality doors, we can provide final coatings to the pre-finished door set by using highly durable water-based microporous finishing for maximum UV protection and to preserve the natural beauty of the wooden surface. Cefla…

Final Finishing and Inspection

At this stage of the production process, our doors are checked thoroughly by our Quality Control Inspectors before the product is passed to the coating department. Kayu Permata places high priority and importance on this division in order to guarantee…

Door Component for Assembly

All the different components to the doors we produce are stored and placed safely in the production field, allowing our workers to easily navigate through the components they need when working on a certain product, aswell as work in a…

Door Component in CNC Router

All components that require accurate and careful machining will go through one of our CNC router machines. Furthermore, Permata door can also provide pre-hanged doors accurately machined by CNC.

Door Component Machining

Door rails are tenoned for high precision and door stiles are profiled by spindle shapers.

Color Matching Door Component

All components and sections of a door are color matched before they are machined and profiled into a final piece.

Moulder Machine

Our Weiniq moulders are built for the purpose of moulding door components for ultimate accuracy and precission. Ensuring overall quality of the finished product.