Custom Doors

As human beings, it is in our natural instinct to have visions for our future. What we will do, where we will be, and who will be there..

What most of us have in common is that all of us at one point or another throughout our lives, will imagine and use our creative juices to develop views and or visions regarding our future homes or the home in which we would like to build and live in one day.

The Entry Door, being one of the most important external factors of the house, can contribute to the overall

look and style of the home. For those individuals who have that creative spark and imagination on how they would like their front door to look like,

Kayu Permata is more than happy to aid and help our customers to create and produce the doors of their dreams. Making vision to a reality.

With Kayu Permata, there is no limit how far you can go. Contact us and discuss with our people on a particular design that you would like to make your reality.


One of Kayu Permata’s strengths is our ability to design and manufacture doors and door transoms in various unique shapes and sizes to fulfill customer requirements and desires. Rectangular, halfround, arch, of various radius and design.

A robust panel door of different design, completed with 2 side-lites with glass shapes, sizes, and models of your choice.

Wrought Iron grill will complement your door set. It’s not only about the added strength; the various designs of our grills provide extra sophisticated detail to your front door.

How to Order

Your Vision

Tell us what’s in your mind. Be as creative as possible and give us a rough sketch of how you would like your door to look like or simply send us a picture of a door that you would like to have.

Detail Drawing

Once you have submitted your sketch/photograph to us. Our designing team will help you plan out and decide how to refine the ideas into a detailed/workable drawing.

Completed Door

Once you have approved the plan and detailed drawing of your order, we will produce your dream door into your reality.

Design Ideas

FD 1-01
FD 1-02
FD 1-03
FD 1-04
FD 1-05
FD 1-06
FD 1-07
FD 1-08


Toronto, Canada

North Carolina, USA

Virginia, USA

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

North Carolina, USA

Rancamaya, Bogor, Indonesia

Rancamaya, Bogor, Indonesia

Wood Selection

Knotty Alder




White Meranti

Red Meranti


Red Oak

White Oak